Solutions for Every Business

Solutions for Every Business

Feed Manufacturers: Our expertise in animal nutrition, metabolism and performance combined with our nutrient-based feed formulation tools help ensure feed manufacturers thrive.

Livestock Producers: GB Africa solutions and its technology suite can help meat and dairy producers™ better target their animals™ nutrient needs and improve production yields.

Feed Retailers: A comprehensive line of trusted and name-brand products helps support the health of feed retail customers™ horses, pets, show animals, fish ponds and livestock.

At GB Africa, we strive to be the best choice in animal nutrition solutions. Whether you need feed ingredients, feed formulations, management solutions, risk management services, or on-trend retail products, you can count on GB Africa
and our team of experts to seek the best solutions to help you reach maximum profitability.

Oil Manufacturing & Processing:We are strong in cotton seed and Soya Oil for both bulk and bottled processing, they are all suitable for all home and industrial use.

Our strong customer focus is paired with a disciplined, scientific approach to nutrients, nutrient supply and animal metabolism. You can leverage our research capabilities, proprietary formulation systems, deep knowledge of animal metabolism and nutrient requirements, and global supply chain to help you attain your business goals.

Learn more about our feeds, feed ingredients, consulting programs and research for aquaculture, poultry, dairy cattle, beef cattle, pork, and leisure animals.

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